Q: Why Marfa?

A: We bought a lot in Marfa to build a live-work space, a good fit for us with our new work. Our love affair with Far West Texas is longstanding and we enjoy the people and culture of Marfa.

Q: Is your background in art & design? Or writing?

A. Darlene—both.

Q. Who takes the photos?

A. All general photographs on our Website, and incorporated into our projects, are taken by Darlene or David. Some of the specific product photos are also provided by Hummingbird Farms.


Q: Do you offer workshops?

A: Currently, we are focused on our transition to Marfa. Darlene’s last workshop, a journaling workshop, was in Provence while touring lavender fields.

Q: Who’s the poet?

A: David is the resident poet in the family. He’s a storyteller, too. Darlene is the designer and editor for THE MARFA LINE’s custom products, and she created the concept of “paragraph poems”—furthermore convincing David to use the form for his first mini-book!